Kaspa KAS Correcting – New Cycle Incoming? Full TA & Project Overview! 😎💥

Kaspa is correcting, and I’ve added to my bag. Could this be the next small cap runner? It definitely has possibilities, and we’ll …


  1. Great video. Unfortunately this coin does not have enough market cap to even do any technical analysis. Clearly it already broke your “support” a few days after making the video. I do like kaspa project though

  2. Kaspacurrency is the digital silver next to Bitcoin (Gold) and these both chains are the only one it´s 100% decentalized… so the free money system Bitcoin (Store of Value) and KAS the silver or the currency

  3. Very interesting project brother Carlton, i agree that it's worth it to pickup a small bag and aee where it will go next bull run. 👍🏽 Thank you very much for the cool shout out! It's a joy to learn from and support your amazing channel 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👌🏼💚

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