Jesse: Python Trading Framework for Crypto

In this video I try out Jesse, an open source crypto trading framework written in Python.


  1. I LOVE the fact that Larry goes into the source code to explain how and why things work the way they do. He genuinely wants to teach his "students" to think. Delightful.

  2. Thanks for the very interesting and clear presentation !

    Two problems about Jesse.Trade:
    – the licence is way too expensive for individuals (FreqTrade is free). They should consider having a cheaper license with some limitations for individuals. Maybe they just want to aim big players.
    – the backtest/optimisation tool is way too slow for "what it is" (in the end it is just a for loop on 10,000s values with a few if checks). That seems to apply to any python/pandas based software, so the optimisation part of the software should use compiled code (C, C++, fortran or other) and optimal types (in C prefer floats to doubles for price data since it has already way more precision than necessary; i think python uses long doubles that uses 4 times more memory than floats; not even talking about Pandas XD).

    Another critic that is not as important:
    – data download is very slow. Simple async JavaScript with optimal rate limiter (using CCXT) can go much faster even for 1 min data. I have a node JS script that downloads Binance BTC/USDT 1 min Kline data from August 2017 to today (about 1 million candles) in less than 2 minutes.

  3. Been working with Jesse for quite some time now – and really think it’s one of the most powerful yet simple crypto bot frameworks out there. Good community, quick support and a reasonable price for live trading your strats.

  4. Using Jesse for more than a year. At each version upgrade it has become more mature whether using the CLI version or the GUI version.
    Support in the discord channel is efficient. The price for the live plugin is reasonable for the work done.
    All other options I have tried are too convoluted and much less well maintained

  5. Thank you so much Larry for creating this video. So many good tips in such a short time! It made me so happy to see you digging into the code under the hood and explaining concepts with such a deep understanding.

    Great comparison too. I think that Freqtrade is probably the best free trading bot out there. I usually recommend anyone wondering about which tool to use, take the time to write their strategy in both. Whichever felt better, or more importantly "saved you more time" (time==money), go with it. Because you will be working on algo strategies for a long time if you're serious about this job. So spending a little more time making the right choice, in the beginning, will save you a lot of time later.

    As for price concerns that I see few have, I'd like to point out that we have a contribution program where contributors receive discounts up to 100% for the live plugin.
    It seems I cannot post links as Youtube removes my comment when I do. So please reach out to me for more info about that.

  6. Hi Larry, great review.
    I have a practice of backtesting my live trading sessions and comparing them to real-world data. Jesse's backtest simulation engine is highly realistic, according to my experiments.
    I got results that were nearly 100 percent accurate. I stopped day trading after starting backtesting with Jesse because I never want to trade without first backtesting my strategies.

    After using Jesse for a long time, I tried various frameworks, but each time, I returned to Jesse.
    Developing a strategy using Jesse is simple and quick.
    Downloading historical data and using it inside of a strategy is quite simple.
    It provides ready-to-use methods for placing stop-loss and profit orders.
    Trading fees can be adjusted and are deducted automatically from the balance.
    It is capable of generating Quantstats reports.
    There are useful tools and sample strategies created by the community.
    Additional features can be added by writing pure Python code. There are no user restrictions.

  7. Hello, dear Larry
    I need your help to find the most basic video to teach bot writing in Python environment from scratch
    Please introduce these videos in order so that I can watch them from the beginning
    By the way, very cool, keep it up, friend

  8. I've used freqtrade and Jesse and committed to stay with Jesse over a year ago. It's backtesting engine is very powerful, user friendly and quick to get started with. It's got a great community behind it with lots of support available from the experienced members of the group. There is room to grow still with improvements clearly noted in the projects road map – you can see what's in the pipeline in Saleh's trello. Recently Jesse has got support for spot trading which is a plus for those who are perhaps restricted from futures in their region.

    Hopefully in the future Jesse will have better native support for optimisation plugins like xg boost, optuna etc.

    The proof is in the pudding and I've been using the live module since Jan 22. So far I've tripled my investment so the 800 live module has more than paid for itself.

    My main concern is the longevity of the project. It is completely built and owned by one person which is a risk.

  9. Been using Jesse live for around a year after converting from Autoview. Even as a non coder, it’s been pretty easy to convert my pinescipts to python using the detailed document library. When I’ve needed help the Discord group has been really good source of additional support.

    I’ve been able to backrest my strategies against different assets, timeframes and used the optimisation feature to help select the best indicators.

    People have said the cost is high, but I disagree with this. Jesse has a one off lifetime licence and compared to a subscription service Jesse is definitely cheaper in the long run.

  10. Im using jesse for almost a year now. Here is what i can say about it.
    Jesse is easy to use, with a lot of research tools that i like. Yes people are right fraqtrade is more mature but jesse is getting better evrey day. The community is growing fast and happy to help for any cases we face including Saleh the main developer.

    Recently i started using the live plugin and i loving it. Jesse handle most of the nasty stuff that me as a strategy developer dont care. The price is for a life time period so i think to say that the price is too high is not exactly corret.

    Thank you larry great comparison video!

  11. Thanks for the comparison. For me I'm sticking with freqtrade for now.

    I like the features you highlight database trade history compared json files with freqtrade. I also like the concurrent multi-platform trading support.

    I don't like the pay to trade plugin required, and the limited exchanges supported with Jesse

    Jesse isn't a mature enough product with broad enough support yet. lots of good ideas in the Jesse platform.

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