Is This The BEST No-KYC Crypto Exchange?! Bitget Review

Cryptocurrency exchanges are a great way to trade your coins and make money with crypto! But what if you need give your details …


  1. I just loaded up on these stocks, but my questions is how can I make short term profit, I read articles of investors that made over $500K after a couple trades and I'd appreciate clue on how to make better profit

  2. As someone in the discord asked, is there an exchange that let's you buy crypto (excluding p2p) where no KYC is necessary? Is this one like that? Furthermore, I've heard of buying from DEX etc opposed to cex to go around this, but most use moon pay and other payment systems which still require KYC :/
    ANY advise? Any sources (names OK don't think links are allowed) just trying to buy crypto without KYC and not P2P not too much to ask in a DECENTRALIZED space…any help appreciated!!!

  3. How can it still be decentralized when the government has their greedy little hands in it. Remember when we didn’t pay taxes on cryptocurrency?

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