Is the WORST DUMP still yet to come?! BOLDEST Crypto Price Prediction 2022 w/ MAREN ALTMAN 🌹

Do you think you’ve seen the worst cycle? This could not have been the last… WATCH our latest episode w/ MAREN ALTMAN …


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    00:00 Intro
    00:47 Maren Altman's Story
    02:30 Astrology mirrors World Events
    03:54 Can the Science of Stars predicts Crypto Market
    04:32 Unconventional Technical Analysis
    05:53 Geopolitical Climate equates to Global Cryptocurrency Growth
    06:51 Money is Commodified Energy
    07:21 HODL Bitcoin & the Repercussions
    09:28 This is the MOST DIRE Month of 2022
    10:00 Are Stablecoin Yields still relevant OR a High APY Ponzi?
    10:28 Projects backed by TradFi
    10:51 Are Stablecoin Yields inverse to the Rate of Inflation?
    11:40 Michael Saylor is Inspiration
    12:20 The Meta-Analysis of the Crypto Market
    13:10 On-Chain Framework of Unconventional Trading Mechanism
    13:57 ASTRACE
    15:41 Open-Democratised-Source of Money is a Better Bet
    16:00 – Park your Interest and Bet on Technology
    17:00 Jobs in Crypto is the Future
    17:20 Ending Message

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