IS NEO (NEO) ABOUT TO ABSOLUTELY EXPLODE!? Cryptocurrency Trading & Analysis 2021

NEO (NEO) might be about to absolutely explode! We’re seeing a nice setup and confirmation of the different phases of the …


  1. There is thick hype on twitter about Crop, have you heard this platform?

    I took a look at it, and it looks interesting with a new system and solutions for yield farming and democratic staking system. Please, share your point of view

  2. NEO is actually around 34$. Im sure NEO will break the last ATH long before the end of the actually starting Altseason. Im sure it will break 500$ and hope for 1000$ till the end of the year.

  3. Great video, dude

    Do you have a video about Stakenet? It’s a system for decentralized applications and has its own Layer2 cross-chain DEX. They are partners with DuckDAO and have great collabs with 9 more projects(Litecoin among them). Worth buying?

  4. 2 Years Ago I Bought Neo Because Some Youtubers Told Neo is the Chinease Etherieum !! In Reality I Loose My Money in That Bad Chinease Copy of Etherieum ! The Best is The Original : Etherieum !!

  5. Its weird. Something kept telling me "Buy a Neo. Just oooonnneeee" but I didnt listen.

    Who wants to donate so I can go check out Neo 3 and report back? Nobody? I probably wouldn't donate to me either. But I am curious. Maybe they have something going on? GAS is over a dollar and growing. shrugs

  6. I like your videos but I don't think anything that is not supported by coinbase will get to the true potential and exposure as the ones that are on coinbase…I like neo but not going to buy it unless it was on coinbase…

  7. FIL (file) coin is on the floor atm and is highly undervalued I see that doing a >10x easily very soon. ZIL and THETA are also going continue making millionaires.

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