Is My AI Crypto Trading Bot Still Profitable 1 Year Later?

Earning passive income with cryptocurrency is the easiest way to get rich and become the next crypto millionaire so let’s review …


  1. Thanks Vosk, another great video. Would the bots do better in a sideways market or bull. Must be a time they work better? Seems a bear market isn't so good. This helped me because I was getting ready to try a bot. THANKS VOSK!

  2. I tried to sign up.. wouldn't work for me kept doing this loop.. asked for the verification code,, I would put it in then it would ask for the code again.. I couldn't get out of it… tried everything I could think of, even tried on my phone and my computer.. I just gave up after about 30 mins of it.. Ill try again tomorrow.. Thanks for the info Vosk…

  3. Nice bruz, love the bots, I use Autonio as well, good for configuring Band Trading in a channel, vid is online if you wanna see how he does it. I'm trying this too however, every bot strategy (especially if it's included in the platform utility is worth trying I say). Most bots in other trading I'm learning, you buy them for MT4 and MT5 Forex eg. No need with Ai Crypto platforms hey bruzzz, for the TUBEEEEE lmao

  4. Wow, it'd be better to start over now on your ETH. I'd rather buy and hold/stake ETH2.0
    The fees are also a draw back. Also taxes paid on capital gains. Thank you for the guidance. You are very real and informative.

  5. if a bot would be profiteble they will never sell it, so they collect fee instead for using it. so now its profit for them no matter what the bot does. pretty simple.

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