Is investing in CryptoCurrency better than doing Jobs? | #AskAzadChaiwala

Is investing in CryptoCurrency better than doing Jobs? One of you asked a question and about relying on cryptocurrency and …


  1. He is right. Crypto is highly manipulated currency,many having planned fraud. Dont get emotional to become rich. Btc still at peak price and can dump hard anytime due to bad news etc.

  2. Crypto is literally worth it only and only if you have learnt how to trade and all the startegies related to crypto. Plz dont put a single penny if you know nothing about crypto. First learn then earn.

  3. I think crypto currency will wipe out alot of job opportunities in the world as investors put their money on some digital number rather than providing services and trading goods etc.

  4. In order to build your wealth, you have to invest. Investing is the ability which allows you to put your money in vehicles that have the potential to earn strong rate of return.

  5. Aby bahi phely knowledge hasil karo phr bat karo ubi tum na apny channel par waqar zaka ka show kar dya wah 😆😄 phely logw kw mana kardw phr bolw ka bht achi cheez ha wah pta nhi kon sa motivation ha jw logw kw nuksan karwa rha ha tumhra

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