Investing In Alex Becker's NeoTokyo Cryptocurrency ($BYTES)

What are Neo Tokyo BYTES Forged Crypto Token (Alex Becker Recommendation) Follow Our Twitter: …


  1. Don't buy anything unless crypto drops considerably. I am waiting until after Ukraine / Russia war and the midterms if the Democrats get thrown out of office. We should see some good news. Go watch the Modern Wojak stories for some good education. Never ever vote Democrat.

  2. YESS, we just love your brains and every idea you have on make those thoughts more tangible, make that in deep neo Tokyo analysis for us and keep so brilliant!!

  3. He has literally said (inside NT) that it will have no utility other than to mint the Neo Tokyo NFTs. Its what caused the insane crash;

    Adding money here is literally just a waste of money unless ur gonna buy one of his nfts

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