Investing Basics: Bonds

Subscribe: Bonds are one of the most common investments, but to many investors they’re still …


  1. I can’t stop thinking about the irony and insanity of Elon Musk becoming the richest person in the world why they individual who has spent $20billon.

  2. this was probably the best explained video on bonds, and it was so short and sweet… i understood more there than i have ever, so thankyou for that. i'm not a dumb person in any way, i do have a decent level of understanding, however the fancy words really do throw me on occasions…

  3. Investors fall victim to the common sense fallacy that bonds are “safe investments” because they are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. What this means is that the government solemnly promises to pay back the loan plus interest even if it has to take everything from its citizens in the way of taxes to honor the debt. Investors do not realize that they are putting their own necks on the line. They will get their own money back less a considerable handling fee. They are like chickens oblivious and unaware that they are about to be made a broiler.

    Bond prices are subject to insider manipulation. There is not a ticker tape and transactional data is nonexistent. Bonds provide corporate financing and the investment banking houses with enormous revenue. Obviously the “spin meisters” do all they can to convince the public that a certain percentage of their assets should be in a “low risk” asset classes such as bonds. Apparently, losing money in a “safe” investment has an added bonus. Don’t take my word for it just ask the bondholders of GM.

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