Inside a Pig Butchering Scam

Pig butchering scams are one of the most devastating scams around. They are a combination of a Romance Scam and an …


  1. There are seriously still people believing into those "Hot woman chats up with me and wants to show me a nice money making crypto system" ?. Bro I get those wannabe crypto investent scams on daily basis. On Telegram like every day. I always tought "how can be someone stupid enough to believe this?".

  2. It's terrifying what technology is slowly becoming. It's destroying humanity and it's very soul of humanity with heartless cruelty to take, deceive, and destroy in a millisecond without any trace. The old generations would never know or understand

  3. Something about the thumbnail indicated this wasn't about dodgy pork processing…
    I kinda feel bad for this class of scammer. They have to see an army of dik piks and talk sweet to morons and losers all day, every day.

  4. Not to be mean but It's a pretty obvious red flag if you get a message on a dating app from what appears to be a hot model millionare and you live in freaking mexico paycheck to paycheck while looking like a stereotype.

  5. Your exceptional commitment and hard work in this Refunding Task deserve my utmost gratitude. You have proven yourself to be a highly organized and results-oriented individual, VortexTrace . Thank you for the extra time and effort you have dedicated to completing this project. I want to acknowledge and appreciate every single one of your efforts. Thank you for successfully accomplishing this task remotely.

  6. My friend had her identity stolen for one of these scams, taking images from social media and then using those with AI / deep fake to run the scam…

  7. Jim this literally happened to me almost exactly the same but minus the pig slaughter house stuff XD I even got the same voice message that you played from the girl in Singapore. Sooo annoying and they have my details ;(

  8. I can’t stand that the model says she can’t work in the sex industry because she has a family but has no problem stealing money from people. Also, the fact that she victimizes herself by basically saying those are her only two options to make a living. Come on.

  9. Actually got these messages on telegram, first account asking if I'm interested in investing in something (Something I can't legally do anyways, atleast with crypto) and someone talking about a business meeting. I turned them down immediately and blocked them, I'm very glad I did after watching this video.

  10. Thankyou for your video. I am a victim of a pig butchering crypto scam. In my case there was no glamorous model but a friend inadvertently sent me a link and I followed through on it. Yes, they had an investment site with charts and everything and I fell for it sending bitcoin from my wallet to theirs to 'invest' for me. I feel very stupid embarrassed and depressed to have believed them and have lost my money.
    I want to ask if you know any way to retreive funds sent to scammers over the blockchain or if there is any way to help expose them?

  11. I usually like your videos but now that you're talking about my overseas girlfriend I think you went too far. Once I get my investment money back I'll hire very good lawyers and sue you

  12. I keep getting random "wrong number" texts who then try to then be friends. At least once a month now. I'm not dumb so I just lead them on acting like I'm falling for it until I get bored then block them.

  13. Wow. Never realized the people on the other end of a scam might have been basically kidnapped and enslaved. That puts their willingness to do terrible things in a lot more perspective. Also makes the genre of scam baiting that's just "piss off the fraudster for shits and giggles" a lot less entertaining.

  14. I am very glad you exploit this scam 2months back my friend got offer from them but he refused there are sales job where people are being exploited please help them as well cheers mate!!

  15. how to avoid it simple. dont be poor. its that simple if you are scraping the coins off the floor and looking for anyway to get richer then you might fall for it. if you are rich then youll decine all offers and scams

  16. 13:15 “5 A-level subordinates, 25 B-level subordinates and 125 C-level subordinates. Ass-youming all subordinates generate 1000 monies every month then your income will be 9975000 monies eech month” wow sounds legit! Where do I sign up?!

  17. Jim Browning, question, if the scammers have a camera in the building and watch this video. That shot showing the time and date could review your undercover guy. Just a take.

  18. all of this is just trust fund babies that have money they never earned, because the gap between the haves and have nots is so large because our Government has given our tax money too these people to keep them from going under. These kids have no intelligence, they go tot he most prestigious schools yet they have the sense of a nat.

  19. Jim Brown: “the scammers are predominantly from Africa and South-East Asia”.
    During the video: the scammers working there and being recorded talking are clearly Indian.
    Dude needs to brush up on his geography.

  20. Impressive work, Vortextrace – I’m grateful that you are actively combating these individuals who lack integrity. We must go above and beyond to protect the elderly and the wider public from these despicable scammers! Kudos to you!! Your dedication to keeping us safe is truly deserving of the highest honor.!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I’m definitely interested in how this current large scale scheme came to fruition. You got people working in Dubai or other places yet the money goes back to the heads in China.

    My guesstimate is that the heat for scammers started getting too hot so deals were made with bribable folk in shady countries to look the other way.

    They get a cut to leave them be and keep others away as long as they don’t target their nations people. Yet even China is starting to crack down on these people because they got greedy and targeted their nation anyway.

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