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  1. Hey I'm a beginner and I understand the market crash is the perfect time to make money, but how are some investors able to double there profit within a short period of time, a particular investor made up to $350,000 from trading about $100,000 within a couple of months, do they stand a better chance than others?

  2. Successful trading requires basic knowledge and most time good experience to carry out the right investment plan. If you know how to trade you can make a ton of money no matter where you find yourself

  3. <<<<<<Thank you for your videos mate,<you know most people think that investing in crypto is all about holding till it rises, come on, it takes time and is a gamble on the long run, this recent dip and slight pump should be a lesson to people who hold blindly. Working with Bernie doran, he made me believe that when you hold, you stand the chance of losing it all to unexpected dips. So rather than simply holding, I trade crypto under his expertise.. We need more experts like Him, who educate people on the evolution of the market so people avoid common mistakes. so they don’t walk out of the market feeling frustrated! Keep up the great work! Raised over 11.8 BTC when I started at 1.5 BTC in just few weeks implementing Bernie doran daily trading signals and tips. Reach out to him through the informations above

  4. The Market has been pretty bad until today it decided to surge. Everybody was Practically Crying then. It kept dipping. That's what you get when you feel you can navigate the process on your own. Big thank to Hilder Ferguson. I'm not bothered with how bad the Market is because my assests are insured due to her advice and I still receive my profits

  5. Lack of trading discipline is the primary reason for intraday trading losses it is estimated that nearly 80- 85% of intraday traders end up losing money in the stock market Experiencing loss is also part of the game but that don't mean you should give up. my advice to new beginners is trade with professional expert on profitable platform

  6. Given that BTC represents the future of cryptocurrencies and that traders are unsure of the ideal time to buy or sell, I believe you should think more carefully about the issue before making any snap judgments. The recent volatility in BTC's price indicates that the market has grown unsteady, making it difficult to predict whether it will continue to be bearish or go bullish. Prior to meeting Eric Birger, I've suffered a series of trading losses. His AlgoSignal strategies have been extremely profitable for my crypto trading as I've watched my portfolio grow by six figures under his guidance.

  7. This post is so valuable and so honest. I am very grateful for this content, I have been making losses trying to make profit trading. I thought trading demo account is just like trading the real market… can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do?

  8. If you are not in the financial market space right now, you are making a huge mistake. I understand that it could be due to ignorance, but if you want to make your money work for you…prevent inflation

  9. Hey how r ya? I was going to try your scalping strategy. Just wondering who was your STC indicator by and who made the trend trading strategy. Look forward to your reply. Cheers

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