indicators don’t work #crypto #trading #cryptocurrency

this video is exactly what you are looking for. by the end of the video you will know everything you were looking for! i believe that …


  1. Just depends on the indicator. There is one that is multilevel it works majority of the time to find tops and bottoms of the entire market. But I ain’t gonna tell you what it is. Good luck traders!

  2. There is no automated system that yields as much profit as an experienced trader looking at patterns and drawing lines. Indicators are there to give confluence and confirmation on educated guesses. I have a bunch of stuff on my screen which I will draw upon or completely ignore depending on the situation. Order blocks, ATR and so on are very helpful helpful. I’m in the business since roughly a year and I am trading @ break-even level. It’s not exactly impossible. It’s impatience that wrecks most people.

  3. Indicator does work you idiot.. it's a matter of confluence and combining it with raw price action and fundamental analysis…

  4. An indicator might not work for you (or at all) but there are people trading it, so you can still see that on some charts for example Fibbonaci Retracement. I don’t use indicator but do use them to find other people their possible targets.

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