In Defense of Cryptocurrency: Why I am Buying In

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  1. Came back here to say thanks Styx. This was the video that got me to actually learn how to buy and hold crypto and opened a large long BTC position at around 38k and it's holding up huge profits right now since it's coming up to 60k at the moment I'm typing this.

    Now my plan is to put aside money each paycheck until eventually Bitcoin crashes again and move that pool of money into buying dips and waiting for it to come back up, then repeat.

  2. Bitcoin owners: When world economy collapses, I'll be immune and RICH!
    When economy actually collapses: No electricity, No CPU makers, unable to access your coins lol

  3. BTC in my opinion will be a strong crypto mainstay but will not lead the market, one day., it will be the alt coins leading the market. BTC tech is getting archaic, BTC is a store of value not a currency of transaction, heck even Doge is transforming into a proof of stake. from a proof of work.

  4. I agree with you on Bitcoin, its the most solid, however my style of investing, is buy when it bottoms out in crashes and wait, then sell at peak (convert to stable coins) then wait again for a crash, I am thinking three will be a last crypto boom at the end of the year, and that is why I chose DOGE, its elon's favorite coin, and Elon moves the market.

  5. well I have been buying DOGE since it crashed to 0.20, made 150K USD and cahsed out to USDT and now I am focusing on doge. started with 12K usd IN OCT OF 2020, and never put anything more made 150K USD by March , 2021. Holy fuck best investment I made, made mistakes, If I invested 30K USD in doge or matic back in 1st week Jan 2021 I woulid have made 2-3 million USD …da fuck.

  6. Layer one for bitcoin is slow because it makes security of the network high and true decentralization possible. It also ties value to time 10 mins was the arbitrary chosen time for the blocks. Layer two is faster than the current financial system.

    Don't get caught up in all the hoopla about inefficiency of bitcoin. It's not inefficient it's secure.

  7. Hey bud. In regaurds to the cardano wallet. If its an issue I would to recommend you use a custodial wallet to recieve it (exodus or coinbase wallet are good) and then transfer from there to stake it and earn passive income. The coinbase wallet has a very simple address system so that might be useful for you.

  8. Cryptocurrency is slavery. The IRS will be able to track every purchase you make and all income you earn. It will also inevitably be tied to social credit scores. At least with cash you can put it in a safe away from the taxman. Styx is a shill now. Why do you think YouTube doesn't censor him?

  9. Bought in today as well. Put in a couple hundred. I will be putting some of the money I usually save and buy cardano and maybe a coupe other ones. I’d like to know how much you spent. Of course that’s your business.

  10. China is probably using cryptocurrencies to manipulate US markets. Think about it- right as inflation became a mainstream talking point, China doubles down on regulating cryptos, gets Chinese to sell right as bitcoin shows weakness from Musk, and boom, you just flooded a trillion dollars into US markets right when we don't need it

  11. Hello from 🇨🇦! Guys, Remember the DotCom (Web 2.0) bubble of the early 2000s ( 2000 to 2002 )? Only a few survived: Amazon, Google, Microsoft among ofhers and they’ve changed the world. Blockchain/Crypto ( Web 3.0 ) will be the next bubble and we can see it coming! There will be a few survivors like in the previous bubble but they will also change the world. The others will be forgotten. So, invest wisely.😉

  12. You have a good approach and are very rational and dont just buy Bitcoin because it is hyped. Everyone needs to understand this is tech, not a religion, the most advanced cryptos will win in the end and Bitcoin is not evolving.

    That said, your approach needs to be conducted on a case by case basis because just because a crypto is old, like Ethereum, it doesnt mean it adverse to progress. Cardano when it is finished, hopefully within another year, will be more advanced than Ethereum 1.0 in every way, however, what Ethereum has planned for Ethereum 2.0 (sharding) is more advanced than Cardano in every way and may just leap frog it making it irrelevant. Just good for thought.

  13. if the system crashes no currency will have value. all value will be paid in labor. how could crypto be worth money that doesnt exist anymore. "crypto is worth millions of dollars." whats a dollar? invest into how to knowledge. that will have real value.

  14. Elon’s excuse of energy consumption was a lame excuse to get out of btc by old money tesla board members. A good time to get in is right now, the market will go back up. Carnado(ADA), MATIC, DOT are great projects to get in. Do your research, don’t put more than you can loose, TAKE EMOTIONS OUT OF THIS GAME, and you will be fine.

  15. I bought monday before yesterday's grand crash, I couldn't buy the dip but everything is close to where I bought (that was already a dip itself compared to April prices), so, I don't feel so bad… 😜 How things recovered in a couple of hours made me have hope.

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