I’m buying crypto! my EXACT plan for buying the crypto crash! (Ultimate Bear Market Strategy)

Steps to get 1 free month of #CrashAlerts for free: 1. Fund your bitget trading account with $1000 or more here (must place a trade …


  1. Been following your channel for a while now, absolutely loving it!! I'm now thinking of joining the crash alerts group, but i'm only trading options, no crypto. I feel like my TA game is not good enough. Is this the right group for me or is it mainly focussed on crypto trades? Thanks 😀

  2. I have been following you for a while and I see that your predictions became real most of the time. I have no tolerance to lose money anymore and I hesitated to get into position yesterday, so I missed it but I am waiting for new chances right now. Thanks for all buddy

  3. I wana join your telegram but every video there's people with issues and questions about your telegram and you never reply so I don't wana become one of those people when I have a problem

  4. I've always struggled with execution because I felt paralyzed by my lack of TA experience but thank you very much for breaking it down like this. There is no need to complicate things when a certain crash or pump is coming. Just allocate portions of your funds wisely, deploy in increments, and keep your eye on the VIX (the fed too lol). Oh yeah, and don't buy garbage coins.

  5. Great video. This is a good plan. I was originally waiting holding 100% of my capital until Vix event but seeing how the market is consolidating under 20k I’m dcaing now and will hold 40% in case of a vix event.

  6. There’s a global depression coming what’s going to happen when no one has money left oh I’ll sell my crypto to late exchanges all gone broke you money’s gone just saying

  7. I have $120,000 USD sitting on the sidelines. I am ready to go back in the markets. Also, I lost over $200,000 in 2022. Had I found Alex earlier this year, I would have been much richer than I am today.

  8. both of the only crypto people i listen too are saying the exact opposite – one is saying 15k b4 30k the other is saying 30k b4 15k😭

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