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  1. I rather listen to Karl who’s been through few cycles. This is his first cycle for this kid. I don’t think it’s wise to buy now, wait till it settles.

  2. you're a fool if you're buying bitcoin at 57k.. its going down to 50k soon, buy between 50k-52k.. if it drops to low 40's.. by more.. then hold on till 2025

  3. The billionaires have destroyed the whole crypto market, they had a great thing going but as usual GREED set in and their control of the market was too much for the poor man to handle, sad story but true, its over, my opinion.

  4. Bad idea.. huge correction coming to stock market starting next week through May.. if you think bitcoin is going up as stocks correct and DOW just got rejected off 125 year trendline.. be my guest. Way too much uncertainty here.. technically this think could dump 70% from the 73K high. But a retest at 32-35K would be healthy

  5. Good For you, I will wait ,as it will drop more . Go for it. Holding back to maximize profit. It should go to 56 maybe 50 . But I have my eye on the price.

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