If you offered me all the bitcoin in the world for $25, I wouldn’t take it, says Warren Buffett

Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett and Vice Chairman Charlie Munger preside over the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, …


  1. Well Warren, think about what you are saying. All the bitcoin currently being held is worth about $1 trillion. Any you wouldn't give $25 for a $1 trillion dollar value???

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  3. I understand what he’s saying about bitcoin not being a tangible asset. We’re living in a different age. He come up in the age of industrialization and expansion. This is an age of creativity, finding ways to make what we already have better.

  4. This is an extremely important video for the next generation!!! 91 yrs old one of the richest guys in the world is saying SO MANY negative words about a tinny tinny innovation that is less than 1% of the total economy. Kiddos you want to be like him ?? Think twice!!

  5. I like that people have done 0 research about the blockchain technology and bitcoin and still talk like they are experts on something. I bet that 99% of the people talking about bitcoin here haven't even read its whitepaper.

  6. So it’s exactly like banks that have money and make money in interests. Don’t fall for it. Rich people just want it at a lower price.

  7. This guys brain is fried. He’s like 90. He said “if owned all the Bitcoin in the world” like 10 times before he made his out of touch point.

  8. I have a lot of respect for Warren Buffet, but I watched his interview recently where he said he didn't participate in the technological boom in the 90s because he doesn't understand it and it's okay, why should he understand everything. So it's not surprising he's not a fan of Bitcoin if he wasn't fan of internet or computers or other advances in technology that he didn't care about

  9. If you offered me all the bitcoin in the world, i wouldent buy it? No body would you fuc#in buy it you moron. Because the value comes from its distribution and use in the community. 🙈

  10. There are maybe a couple top coins that might someday be common online currencies——-the rest are valueless trash. And why would a common currency be worth $30,000? That's not something people can use to buy things. Here's my .0001% of a bitcoin to pay for this 20 oz Coke.

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  12. love buffett but clearly doesnt get the value prop. just in the example alone. if someone ownes all of it there is 0 value. whole point is decentralized currency. will btc be king in 50 years? maybe not. but there will be a cryptocurrency that will be

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