If you bought $1000 of Saitama Inu. #invest #cryptocurrency #crypto #saitama #saitamainu


  1. So from 7 Billion to 45 Million. ?????? .
    And people still want to invest in this ????
    Russell the Coke sniffling CEO , WHO MANGED Saitama from $7 Billion to $45 million is still the advisor. New CEO IS just a Front.
    Tons of Good coins out there, Why invest in a known Rug Pull. ?.

  2. I still have not receive my migration, every attempt at contacting saitama has been to no avail
    Saitama is still runned by the same people. Same shit different day. Where is my saitama????? Still waiting.!!!
    Same Con, same people, didifferent day

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