ICT Trading Strategy : Higher Winrate

In this ICT strategy video I show how to avoid losses when you think you found an #ICT pattern and also how to improve the …


  1. Is the average RR of this strategy 3 in your experience? Ik what it says for the 100 trades, but I’m asking because the 2.36 R was different from the nearly 3 Average R made in the original strategy video.

  2. The fuck are you using moving averages and indicators for 🤣 what's your bias, why use 10 minutes, what time is it???🤦‍♂️ayayai

  3. Thank you for all of your content. I'm really starting to understand. My question is for the first example, you dropped to the lower timeframe and found another CHoch but price respected the 20EMA. So if it was a true CHoch we should see the break in the 20EMA as well? Also, when price respected the EMA and continued down would we just find find a BOS in that direction and look for the FVG for a continuation? This is where I get confused. How to know if the next BOS is really a BOS and not a liquidity grab.

  4. I really like your videos and how you explain the strategies. The only thing I would wish, is more consistency. For example you explained the ICT strategy and that you would like to use it on the 5minute TF in London. But when I saw the backtesting session, it was over all possible symbols not only EU. And also often different time frames. Maybe I understood this wrong, but I built an expactation. Anyway go on with the good work, you give me always great trading ideas 🙂

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