ICT Trading Strategy Backtest : High Profits (ICT Mentorship)

In this trading video I backtest the ICT trading strategy 100 times and got an amazing high profits (1524%). For backtesting I use …


  1. NO SUCH THING AS A MARKET. PROPER TERM IS "SCAM"… That's ALL the creation of these so called markets have been for. To lure, trap, and liquidate. Over and over again. There is no real reason for these things to exist. Since their creation is only been for the purpose of taking money from the public. No other reason. You don't need a chart to value a country, currency, company, sector, product. Nothing depends on a market in order to exist. Things exist before markets were ever created. They only created them for the same reasons they invented tvs and now the internet. Distraction

  2. 60% win rate is honestly plenty especially with the risk to reward ratio. I would take losing $1 and then gaining $3+ every other trade all day every day.

    The big advantage of this strategy I believe is dodging the market manipulation as those kinds of loses can mess with your psychology big time where you can easily lose complete confidence with the strategy youโ€™re using. This strategy is nice as you are taking market manipulation out of the equation making losses feel normal.

  3. It should be stated ICT is NOT the inventor and didn't develop these rules they existed long before him. He did popularize it on social media and claimed it as his creation though which is a bit disingenuous

  4. Hello, great videos, but iโ€™ve some questions. Can you please tell me how much time did you take for the 99 trades and what was your risk per trade and/or your DDM ? it was 2% per trade right ?
    thank you in advance

  5. Thanks for your help, I have a quick question Can we use these sessions and ICT concepts for Indian markets? As there is less liquidity in Indian markets compare to Forex!!!
    Thanks in advance!!!!

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