ICT/SMC Trading Strategy Simplified

Unlock the Secrets of Successful Trading with the Complete ICT/SMC Strategy Course! Join us as we delve into ICT’s most …


  1. DOUBT
    I'm from India & new to forex trading I trade in stocks & Index
    So is this strategies applicable to NIFTY/BANKNIFTY( as said in your video too they move the same way)

    But for stocks there is no correlated pairs so instead of SMT divergence should I go for RSI divergence ?

    Hope your channel help people get out the rat race

  2. Doubts from this video
    1. Should i apply IPDA Data Ranges to every strategy i trade to identify premium & discount zones?

    2. After finding SMT Divergence in currency pairs in which pair should i take entry?

    3. In turtle soup strategy should make my entries only after 12am new york time?

  3. Your content is amazing. Thank you, please continue making more! I had one question, the turtle soup strategy can gives what frequency of trades? Could you please specify which strategy works best for scalping or swing trading? Thanks again for the great content 😊

  4. Brother great video it blew my mind best explanation for silver bullet I’ve seen . I would like to make a request. Do you think you can make a video applying all this concepts to BTC? That would help me a lot because even though I understand what you are saying I’m still putting the pieces together. Please keep up the good work

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