ICT Concepts In Crypto – How Trading Bitcoin On The Weekend Actually Works.

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  1. i don't know why but i just traded using ict concepts on crypto over the weekend didn't work for me but forex and other market EVEN SYNTHETIC INDICES which most of you don't know what that is…
    It Works In Those!!!
    although no complaints even ict himself doesn't trade crypto i wonder why???

  2. What timeframe do you think think works best on? Im developing a backtesting system for this strategy in java and on the ETHUSDT 5M since 2020 i got 55% winrate, 1:1.1 RR. 1300% ROI, not counting exponential growth.

  3. I agree to all that is being said, one thing Iโ€™ve learnt recently is to remain calm especially when it comes to investment in Cryptocurrency. If bitcoin doesn't go bearish further, it means we may get a period of some relief rallies across then markets would be good but the crypto market is unstable and you canโ€™t easily tell if itโ€™s going bullish or bearish. While i and my colleagues are trading daily without fear of making losses but profits, others are being patient waiting for the price to skyrocket, well It all depends on the strategy/signal you follow. I have been able to amass a lot of profits 20.5 btc! and more when i started at 5.5btc from day-trade with Joseph Henry using his daily signals/strategy in few weeks

  4. I subscribed. Needed someone to explain ICT Concepts on cryptocurrency. I only started trading last March 2022. Finished ICT Mentorship 2022 but I still struggle in applying it to crypto

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