Ichimoku Trading Was Hard, Until I Found This Powerful Strategy (Cloud Trading Strategies)

Discover a profitable trading strategy using Ichimoku indicator to forecast trends on Forex & stock market. In this video you’ll learn: …


  1. It was unusable for me until I changed the settings. According to Japanese Forex Trader Kei, the ichimoku Kinko Hyo uses a 9 candle range for the the tenkan-sen because Japan had a 6 day work week during Goichi Hosoda's time, so it represented one and a half work week (he traded the daily timeframe).

    Problem is, it's not a practical range for modern-day traders because Forex is based on a 5 day work week, so what I do is change the settings to:

    Tenkan sen (5)
    Kijun sen (15)
    Senko span B (30)
    Chiko span (30)

    You can test different settings, but it's best to use this (on the daily timeframe) in candle ranges of 5 since our work week is 5 days, and not 6 like it was in Japan back then. You'll get more trade signals this way, and you'll notice that the 5 lines are more correlated with the highs and lows of the chart you're trading on than with the default 9, 26, and 52 values

  2. Probably it's me who's wrong but I can't get this indicator seriously. At 1:55 , it is told that the color of the cloud indicates the trend and the crossing of Span A and Span B indicates a trend change. Well, when the crossing happens, the uptrend was just ended and the price just turned sideways which mean the bus was already departed. For me, it is a WTF. But maybe I just don't interpret this indicator well enough.

  3. Question – Once you hit your target price with the Ichimoku setup, BUT price continues upward? How do you apply the Ichimoku setup again to set your sell limit in this second leg up? Thank you.

  4. Superb video. I've been reading up alot on the Ichimoku cloud lately and really love your idea on using multiple time frame analysis. Very imaginative way of filtering out the best setups. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ichimoku trader is using 4H chart as trend direction–& entry on 15 minute price action. However if on daily chart price is above the cloud, & on 4H chart price is below the cloud. WHICH DIRECTION SHOULD TRADER BE TRADING? Trader holds positions for 3-5 days & IS NOT A DAY TRADER OR SCALPER. 4H trend is not going to flip on A dime & IS A GOOD TREND GUIDE FOR MOST OF TRADERS EXCEPT SCALPERS.. Any suggestion/ideas/wisdom is greatly appreciated. AND Thank you.

  6. I've been watching your contents and learning lots of skills and knowledges. I have a question about the Ichimoku regarding time frame. I'm a day trader using 5-min and 1-min. I see the location of cloud changes depending on the time frame. For example, price is below the cloud in 1-min but above the cloud in 5-min. Please let me know how I should interpret the different location of cloud depending on the time frame.

  7. Lovely Summary… Thanks for taking effort and creating this content. I have a question, does the value Co sidereal be on that particular day or the value adjusted in the chart for the day.

  8. This is genius!! One of my TOP FAV Ichimoku videos in entire youtube!!! guysss MUST WATCH and learn because multi time frame analysis is the right way to increase probability in your favor greatly! ♥

  9. Thanks for the video. I don't understand why you don't use ichimoku all the way down the smallest time frame. The reason why I use ichimoku is precisely because I don't have to use ema or other supports. Is it possible to replace your ema start by an ichimoku strat, for example, buy when the price crosses the kijun or something else ? Thanks for the quality of your work

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