I used the #1 Ranked Free Trading Robot with $1000 (MQL5 Market)

In this episode, I use the #1 Ranked Free Trading Robot on the MQL5 Market with $1000, on a live account. Watch to see how it …


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  2. Well done on the free ea test, but damn the plugs.. recommended broker (probably sponsored idk, maybe not), paid group, paid EA.
    Doesn't matter though as long as the rest of the video is still in line with the content.

  3. I would have been much grateful if you had sincerely tweaked the robot and at least set a stop loss.
    Its very unfair to compare fury (paid) to venus (free)… Especially when you didn't adjust any setting. Venus does so well for itself being a free bot.

    However, I'll choose fury any day…😊
    Hoping to buy it soon with good discount… Thanks for your effort and impact in the trading industry.

  4. if you lost all your money, you must have done something to the settings that caused it. my experience with dark venus has been entirely different. i got 10% roi after 3 and a half weeks.

    its cool that you want people to spend money on your bot. but you don't have to lie or be deceitful about dark venus.

  5. Waiting if a bot can trade for you and get a good profit why do you even need the learn trading if you find a good bot what do you need to learn trading? Sorry if i sound dumb i am new

  6. I have been using a trading strategy called "Dark Venus" for algo trading. Typically, I start my trading activities after the US session when the market tends to be calmer. I find that this is a good time to implement my strategy. Before the London session begins, I make sure to turn off my trading activities to avoid any potential volatility.

    To begin with, I had $30 in a cent account, which is equivalent to $3000. To manage my funds effectively, I divided this amount into three separate accounts. Over the course of 11 days, I diligently implemented my trading strategy, primarily focusing on the gold market and utilizing a one-minute time frame.

    However, it is important to note that my strategy involves taking high risks. Unfortunately, one of my accounts incurred a loss of 2500 cents. Despite this setback, the other two accounts managed to stay afloat and even generate profits. These profits not only covered the loss in the third account but also resulted in additional gains.

    Reflecting on my experience, I acknowledge that my settings were set to a high-risk level. While I was fortunate enough to recover from the loss in one account and end up with an overall positive outcome, it is crucial for me to reassess my risk management strategies. Moving forward, I need to ensure that my approach is sustainable and consistent.

    If you have any more questions or would like further details about my algo trading journey or trading strategies, please feel free to ask!

  7. HI just a quick question why are you testing your robot with a bot thats for free ??

    Dark Venus is for free
    and forex fury bot is paid!

    I think you should comper your bot with paid Bots
    and see if forex furry is realy the best bot.

  8. good day sir thank you for the fast reply on the email , witch would you say if you had to pay for the best ai robot that would be good for trading bit coin, forex ,spy contacts and spy options.i am now a follower of you I really like your work peace love.

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