I Used ChatGPT to Build an AI Crypto Trading Bot (+80% in 30 Days)

Can you really use ChatGPT to make money trading crypto? In this video, I partnered up with Pionex to use the power of ChatGPT …


  1. so when I tried to copy and paste the code from pionex the pine editor gave me an error message. "Scripts must contain one declaration statement: `indicator()`, `strategy()` or `library()`. Your script has 2."
    how do i correct the declaration on the code?

  2. IF you put transaction fee of .1% in the TV strategy setting , you can see most of those strategies you are talking about are making loss, I suggest you need to make this clear to your audiance so they dont' loose their money

  3. Great video but… Pionex tells me that the GPT marketplace (which you demonstrate) is not available with the current version of PionexGPT. The support person from Pionex told me that they own this video, by the way. I wish I could access the market performance of those algorithms you demonstrated. It looks very interesting to me. thanks.

  4. Wow something new to learn. Learn so much from this video thank you. But one thing you might forgot to mention is that in TV you need to fil the commission% (trading fee) e.g. for binance it would be 0.04 for market buy and 0.02 for limit buy. However, fee won't affect profit as much in bigger time frames because there are less number of trades. But in very small TFs like 5-15m, fee can make your profitable strategy into losing one, and usually so.

  5. This is what concerns me is that Guru's like yourself always advertise that you are really interested in teaching people how to use chatgpt/crypto bot to make money; But the average person like myself needs a step by step tutorial to use these methods to improve our quality of life. If you're really helpful then you would make a video doing this! It isn't like you are losing any money by doing this because according to you-you are making plenty of money. So, why not help others'?

  6. Great video although there's no "Spot Bot" option or "Signal Bot" showing in the list. Not sure if somethings changed since you've made the video. Good info though.

  7. Ive build a 1'400'000% profitable with 67%winning trade and ~2% average trade ~0,65% average losing trade(3,5% max drawdown) with AI but i don't know how to connect with

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