I Tried Day Trading w/ a Trading Bot Algorithm

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  1. the problem may have been the spread which is not getting taken in account in any backtesting scenario and this also may have been disturbed the execution of the algo. also you can adjust the leverage back to 0.01 to test life unless you have a very weird broker lol.

  2. I would love to see a round 2. I would also like to see you put in a little effort. If you can crush it with minimal effort that's pretty much just as good as in your sleep in my book. I'm learning how to trade futures right now and I feel like I'm going to end up giving a bot a shot at some point. The ones I've seen so far still need you to keep an eye on them and know the favorable and unfavorable conditions. It might not be effortless, but without them there is a good chance of not being able to keep up with the market and hit every opportunity for the strats they're using.

  3. I’d be interested in knowing why the losses occurred more than the amount lost. With an algorithm you enter parameters and you have a process that performs actions based on the parameters. Which was the weak point?
    If a doughnut maker programs his machine to crank out 1000 maple-bacon glazed but his market wants chocolate glazed, it’s not the machine (process), but the assumptions. But if the machine mangles the doughnuts or pours the topping just after the doughnuts pass by, then that’s the process.
    In this algorithmic trading it could be either, both or there could be a significant unpredicted event that the market reacts to that makes that algorithm inappropriate for that day.
    Also, since I’m new to your channel I don’t know how familiar you are with these strategies this algorithm used. Whether your results were good or bad, it would be useful to know if you were comfortable with them and tried them manually before giving the algorithm a try.

    Thanks for the video

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  5. Danny: Check into GLBS. I believe this is setting up for a massive Short Squeeze. Shares Outstanding is 20.5 million, Book Value at $8+, 2022 Earnings Trajectory is $50,000,000 or $2.30+/share.

  6. it's a niche market, like you said someone with a genuine will to want to share algo's is rare. So someone that does it for a living isn't going to exactly get a lot of customers because of the complexity. Those who are good with the software I'm sure can make a lot of money. But that still puts Lauren in a situation where she has to price her software according to the financials in her daily life and business. I think the price is fair for what this is, maybe not the cheapest, but I mean what is the cheapest and what do you get?

  7. After several failed strategies I now have a bot that backtested 55 percent win rate..not great but not horrible…it is only successful on certain time frames and symbols..I'm determined to refine it to increase the win percentage even more…an algo is only the automation of a strategy…the better the strategy the better the result

  8. Very interesting……well explained andquite enjoyable. I tried a trading strategy years ago that involved mutual funds. I was never able to achieve the published results so after lots of back and forth with the company I threw in the towel. I learned that in growing market….everything seemed to work. When the market declined….nothing worked. I haven’t found a reliable trading system but your experience was enlightening. I don’t think futures can be traded profitably using a bot or through a algorithm. Show me the winners.

  9. Most people think Algos take all the decisions out of trading. My first conclusion from you video is it’s better to learn how to recognize good setups, then you can only blame yourself for losses

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