I Tested 99% Win Rate Super Smart 5 Min. Scalping Strategy!!

In this video I will backtest the Super Smart 99% Win Rate 5 Min. Scalping Strategy to see if it’s really this accurate. This strategy …


  1. I have back tested this system in Indian Markets and it's a win rate of 70% .And also this indicator does work.But it's a bit lagging indicator I would say .Reading candles can give more early entry. Signals are formed a bit late or else it is a good indicator for confirmation if you are holding a entered trade with candles.

  2. I have being watching your videos on alison, i must say, you are really good. I really need a mentor. One i chat have a chat with if i dont understand a thing in trading. Can you please be my mentor. I really need this.

  3. You deserve more SUBS bro! Good luck. Don't give up. Your video was a no-bull shit video. Pure Content and pure concept.
    AGAIN NEVER GIVE UP. You just have one extra sub today! may not be much but one step! CHEERS

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