These scammers are scamming people and using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin/Ethereum to hide under the radar. Today’s video we …


  1. Hi, there are some scammers stealing people information to cashout their funds.. I think Im a victim because me being a newbie I gave my seed and private key details to them and then he asked me to go on Facebook I gave him my password and I had to give him my code that I got on my phone so that he can get access to my Facebook page….. I Feel Enormously Stupid.

  2. I have people scammer me I can’t not withdraw funds the Company is blocked I can’t not with drawl the fun and they scammer me $200 thousand for the fee first and can’t not with drawl please have me to with draw the fun

  3. “I have a special set of skills… I’m psychotic… er I mean psychic.” 😅😂 that got me!
    Thank you for doing amazing work, you and your amazing team! God bless you all!!

  4. Love what you guys do. Tell your friends to shorten their videos. 20 minutes is about the longest most people are willing to stick with. Just like yours. I'm broke and on disability but I can kick down a little now and then and impersonate you now and then with the scum from India. Sometimes I just like to tie them up for 30 minutes or so. Anyway thanks for all you do.

  5. I feel like a double scam. I lost 55000$can in the 1st scam and a 2nd which was supposed to help me find my funds.. Please. Help me life doesn't let go of me… Motorcycle accident. Wheelchair for life. Ex wife who steals 3/4 of my compensation. Child in my care… I'm exhausted. please help me…

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