I Spent $150 on Twitter ADs For My NFT Project (Here are the Results)

In todays NFT video I show you how I spent $125 on Twitter Paid ADs / promotions and if it’s worth the money. I include how to …


  1. Right now, I can't get my ad to be approved on twitter and they never come back. My sentences are very general. I didn't use sentences that I asked them to do something. I wonder if I'm making a mistake in the ad settings. please explain more how you placed this ad. As far as I can see, you cut it in the most important place 🙂 that is very sad. I try to contact twitter but they come without seeing it.

  2. Usually I watch your videos but I found myself wondering what was the point of you posting this video if it was going to be blocked the name of this video should be nft projects get blocked on Twitter instead of you wasting everyone's time

  3. Twitter is weird. They ask you to make a request to technical support if you want to advertise nft in countries where it is possible, but they ignore it for weeks, but they can block the advertising campaign and write that you violated the rights for days

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  6. There is a problem with my ads. Twitter does not approve it and says you are promoting a financial ad which is my NFT project. What can i do to get approved and be able to market my nft project?

  7. Promoting NFTs on Twitter is not allowed from what I know unless is a public company and you get approvement. How did you get it going? I have tried twice and got both accounts blocked.

  8. The age demographic should be expanded. With 15 percent comprises of anyone above 34yrs old you already lost that number with limiting it to a strict age filter.

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