I Researched ICP for 200+ Hours and Found The Best Technology in Crypto on Internet Computer

Cryptocurrency friends you will love my live show about I Researched ICP for 200+ Hours and Found The Best Technology in …


  1. Thank you jerney for your pashenet for icp it was you hoo got me hooked your pashenet convinced me you were a genuine person my biggest bag is icp now it's pumping I have waited a long time for a coin to have a good pump thank you

  2. Jerry, is $ICP more than just a governance token? Please explain the token's utility and why the value should increase as the ecosystem grows. Typically, developers flock to a chain when they believe that there is money to be made…

  3. Careful people. We now more than 12 times the number of YouTubers hawking ICP that we did just 3 months. Do not chase the price of ICP. A good technical analyst might possibly tell you what that buy area should be to avoid being rekt.

  4. Utility yes – marketing sucks. They need to get with it and they’ll kill it. If they don’t market, won’t do anything spectacular. Rather just buy $IC and speculate as it’s leverage on ICP

  5. Cool!! STOS, INSP,ML, GMEE,GFAL,WELT, NEON,ACA,SUIP,SENATE,EQX,VRTX,KAP,SPIN,,NCDT,BULL,AITECH,HBB, SBR,MOBILE, WIFI, ATOR, TAKI, XCAD, HELLO. SERSH, CHAX, (, VOID & MBRN are extremely Lowcap gem on solana and cosmos for 1000xgains on unreal eng),(INFRA on AVAX is speculative) cheers to all we future multi millionaires for these gems(not financial advice)

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