I offered 10k bitcoins for a pizza


  1. I don't think he is the only man who did this mistake there are lot of peoples did the worst trades on Bitcoins that time who are regrets today and i think those trades required, because if every one saves the Bitcoin and waiting for the Bitcoin can get value then it is not going to happen. bitcoin values are increased only because of these kind of lot of trades, Anything is happened on the past based on that only future will decided.

  2. On everything i hold dear, ON GOD! I would grant him a phew Millions EASY! if i was the guy who bought it from him. it's the right thing to do, plus the man has a family to support.

  3. Would you think it is very embarrassing to share this experience if you are him, cause will your friends & people you know think you are stupid and belittle you?

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