I Just Lost A Million Dollars | Crypto & Stocks

I just lost a million dollars in stocks and crypto ▻ ▻ Get up to a $250 in Digital Currency: …


  1. The idea of a recession, or even a depression, doesn't scare me all to much. The only thing that starts to worry me, is if the Russia / Ukraine conflict escalates. I'm curious as to how the markets, crypto, and real estate will fair with a larger conflict. Assuming the apocalypse doesn't happen, I would expect things to be conditional as to how the conflict concludes. Who knows. I'm just some dude on the internet speculating about things that haven't happened.

  2. When it comes to investing, diversification is key, that’s why I engage in sectors based on projected growth. There’s no shortcut to getting rich, but there are smart ways to go about it.

  3. That�s great! Been following you for a while. Do you make reviews on projects that are holding a giveaway rn? If so, Pollen is celebrating the launch of mainnet module with 1,000 tokens. Seems like a great chance to me.

  4. Crypto and the markets are a loosing man's game .in between taxes an capital gains .as well as brokerage fees .your lucky if you even get your principal back .don't bet your penis on the crap your sprewing .

  5. Had to unfollow bro. Can't deal with every single one of your videos being complete click bait and purely just an attempt to get people to click on your vids. Pretty sad

  6. If you didn't invest 1 million dollars, you didn't lose 1 Million dollars. What you actually lost was un-realized gains.
    Crypto will come back, but right now with interest and mortgage rates going up, people are moving their money. This too shall pass!

  7. The comments are foolishness—— stocks still have a long way to go down. Cryptos will still drop. Both still haven’t experienced any companies going bankrupt. More $ will be lost. It’s better to park you money so you don’t lose more. Also inflation depression will make your paper stock and crypto go lower

  8. I fell into investing almost on accident. 9/11 happened and everyone bailed out of stocks and 401s not me, I just kept on putting money into my 401. 10 years later boom I could see the massive gains from buying in at bargain basement prices. then along comes retail investing. I played around a bit but didn't trust myself or crypto. when the market started to fall around October I saw a golden opportunity, now I shove as much money as I can afford at all of those wonderful discount stocks. it would be awesome to see a 70% return. I would like to retire 10 years early but I'll sit on these stocks (retail) stocks for 10 to 20 years.
    buy now!! it will pay off in the end. it's really hard to see thousand dollar losses daily but just remember you still own the stock you didn't just buy things air you bought something that could double or triple.

  9. Like all the youtubers who talk about finance, this guy doesn't know anything. The only time I have ever seen some decent advice on the internet was Michael Burry's twitter account. Unlike this idiot, he sold almost all of his stocks a few months ago.

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