I Invested $4,800 into Cryptocurrency trying to earn Passive Income W/ DeFi

I invested $4800 into crypto trying to earn passive income with cryptocurrency, so what happened?! I am earning passive income …


  1. i started working with you……I know I’ve changed a lot that really helped me to become a better person inside and outside….you are one of the reasons why I’m always trying my best…..You have influenced my life in such a positive way words cannot express my appreciation…..@Felixtrades0 on lG for getting me enough funds you know I appreciate you in so many ways

  2. I was thinking it was interesting start and thinking to use the smart contract use of lending out crypto to make passive income but I think it would be better to lend a stable crypto instead of one that is unstable which makes it more volatile like ETH when you could lend D coin instead.

  3. this is indeed a great video, but you know the forex market is a very volatile one and as such it’s too risky for beginners without adequate understanding and training to go into trading, so rather than loose money to bad trades. invest with a reputable, sincere and reliable broker like Mrs Flores Ben .she got you covered always πŸ’―

  4. Please show us how step by step on how to remove our crypto from compound and safety get back our investment. I put in eth and your right the fees are staggering

  5. it seems that the most efficient miners are custom made with graphics cards, because of wattage and resale value.. the asics seem to use like 10 bucks or more a day electric and get like 5 dollars profit. i think it was asic from 2019 (aug) or something cost as much as my pc(2300), and my pc puts out about the same with less electric consumption plus i can play doom eternal and dota 2. um so anyways since its up to 5.39 a day and 40 dollar cost for electric with two 5700xts. I mine ethereum on betterhash and convert to cash with coinbase.

  6. By 16:07 I had an epiphany. I don't wanna do this anymore. Not this way at least. Crypto used to be about financial freedom, zero to no fees and becoming sovereign with your wealth.

    Now it's almost like living in a fucking bank. It's about interest and fees not freedom amd gains.

    Bottomline; the rich have done to crypto the same thing they do with everything. They take something fun and turn it to shit.

    Thanks for making this video. It really gave me some perspective on why I no longer like whats going on in the cryptospace. Perhaps I will come back having created something special that will re-inspire that OG crypto vibe? Soon…

  7. i just learned about the etherium network, defi… and my brain went OH!! that's why i kept hearing about gas fees lol. i used etherium as money before, and there is now ay to make money for me and my few dollars, if anything i lost money just like he did, just experimenting and getting use to the system…. not worth it

  8. itll take a few extra mins for the transaction to go through the network but you could prob lower the gas by half and still get it to go…. if you arent in a rush to get the rewards I would do that and just check metamask after a while to make sure its not stuck/pending

  9. My friend told me I could double my BTC with the help of ITECHHACKERSCOM so I tried them and I flipped 0.1BTC to get 1.1BTC in return thank you, sir

  10. I T E C H H A C K E R S C O M generated 5.4btc into my coinbase wallet after i got ripped by other bitcoin investment platforms, they're so fast and diligent …

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