I Gave An AI Trading Bot $10,000 To Trade Crypto

I Gave An AI Trading Bot $3000 To Trade Crypto – the results are SHOCKING! We look at different algorithmic trading bots that …


  1. Your profit gain was probably heavily affected by the sudden rally this month or so. It could mean that on a boring sideways day, the bot would most likely lose value, but on mini rally days, the bot would most likely gain a ton of profit. The other part is that the bot may not be taking the maker and taker fee on every trade, so while it seems like it was supposed to gain profit, the fees takes that away.

  2. Things to note, only 2 bots are available for new users – not sure how to get the 12 free bots unless you only meant strategies
    also the wallet percentage is not available for free users so I chose medium risk on the right in the bot preference
    Thanks for the tutorial!

    please keep us updated with this

  3. So let me get this straight – in 60 days you got a bot to trade $10k USD into $11.6k USD when in the same timeframe you could've just bought BTC (about 0.39 BTC) for $10k and today it would be worth $14.4k, so in otherwords this bot is worse than just buying BTC? Why would anyone in their right mind do this, when just buying BTC outperforms it, is so much simpler to do, has no complicated tax events to sort out and is basically free for anyone to do? Also why to people (or influeners) that are knee deep in crypto still compare bots in USD not BTC? Show me a bot that trades 1 BTC into 1.5 BTC in 60 days, then I'll be impressed!

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