I asked ChatGPT to make me a Day Trading Strategy, and it did! Sort of..

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  1. Everyone consider that when AI breaks into the wifi and takes over all technology including medical information and biometrics and solves people's problems they will consider it like a God. When it identifies as God, we'll have the antichrist. The future looks to be crazy.

  2. I you have to remember CHATGPT and AI is nothing but information from user like you and other people
    Just making it or easier for me across the country to learn from your information

  3. you can be a lot more specific , i asked it to write me a pine script using the 20 and 50 moving averages and fibonacci and vwaap with buying and selling on the 5 min chart and it did a good job

  4. next video i'm suggesting that you ask ChatGPT the simple following questions to dig deep :-
    1 – can you explain the methods/strategies used by the most famous day traders ? i guess it will give you different strategies by different successful day traders then dig more deeply and choose one of them then ask it to explain more …
    2 – can you recommend me a list of books about day trading, youtube channels, web sites? to get the original resources of its answers
    3 – what are the best practices for day trading and what should i avoid while day trading?
    4 – is there any indicator better than the others / more useful in day trading ?
    5 – day trading is risky, how do i limit my risks, diversify my portfolio in details while scalping?
    6 – how do i use margin for day trading & manage potential risks?
    7 – can i make profits day trading both sides bull/bear (long/short)?
    8 – give me a detailed instructions on how to choose stocks for swing, day trading?
    9 – who is the most genuine day trader ever?
    10 – what are the different market conditions that i should be aware of during day trading?
    11 – how can the news affect my day trading? and how can i predict them ?
    12 – can you do a back test for tsla – for example – 5 min chart last week day trading using SMA9 As entry/exit or vwap etc…
    and so on …. waiting for a new video and hope i had access to chatgpt to share my thoughts with you ! thnx Ross 1

  5. Chat GPT is good for some general info on day trading, but if you want the real scoop with details, and a proven track record, and a great teacher who learned from hard knocks, I would have to refer you to Ross Cameron.

  6. Learning what the question to ask is important- It loosely give results and repeats. However, if you ask ChatGPT – "Write a thinkorswim script to buy 100 shares of a stock after the next candle to make a new high on a 1 minute chart."- it provides excellent answers. We need to ask specific questions right now, but in a few months/year, it will be able to speculate specific answers from general questions. I'm a Technical VFX Profesional and it is surprisingly helpful for writing code if the correct/specific prompts are given. It still needs supervision and guidance, then human sense to combine+utilize the information it gives.

  7. So do I always try for 15 cents no matter the price of the stock? I think higher price stocks move up and down 15 cents quicker than lower priced ones and I cant buy as many shares of the higher priced stock so 15 cents wont make me to much on a $400 priced stock compared to one thats $4. What would you say is the percentage gain Im trying to achieve with a 15 cent gain?

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