CREATE A BYBIT ACCOUNT (THE BROKER I USE): ✓ Low trading fees ✓ Best …


  1. after years of losing, I finally feel that I start to actually learn it. my strat is just trend lines on crypto tho. if I'm confident, I will automate it, even the pattern recognition. most fascinating stuff to actually see it work

  2. You need risk management. Just risk 1-2% of your entire balance per trade and aim for 1,5 or 2 reward ratio. Or if you want more aggresive try 5% risk and aim for 7.5% or 10% profit. I am not that good in trading but money management is what makes me profitable. But you already have good trading skills and combine with good money management that'll be wild.

  3. This is just immoral… You make people watch you make fun from playing amount of money that big millions of people earn in a fu**ing year working hard 9 to 5 in irritating job with sh#tty supervisor, not managing to afford even a dentist for their children 🤦🤦🤦… A YEAR…

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