How To WIN Trades on the 1 Minute 🤯 with 2 Crazy Accurate Tradingview Indicators!

shorts Trading forex on the 1 minute timeframe can often be a recipe for disaster. However, if you apply these 2 scalping and …


  1. "Yes, guys, learning how to trade without relying solely on indicators is one of the best pieces of advice any trader can offer. Indicators should be used to complement your analysis and provide confluence. Focus on mastering techniques like setting up supply and demand lines, as well as support and resistance lines, which can also be referred to as top and bottom lines. These lines correspond to the highest and lowest price levels that candlesticks reach.

    When examining a chart, identify where the highest and lowest prices are repeatedly seen. Draw horizontal lines to mark these levels, and then establish your trend lines. If the candles show a downward pattern, draw a line at the top of the majority of these candles. Similarly, for an upward pattern, draw a line at the bottom of the candles. You can choose to draw both lines within the candle pattern, but it's not always necessary.

    Once you've set up these lines, wait for a break in the trend candle pattern before considering a long or short position. Set your stop loss to align with the size of the last 2-3 candles just before the breakout. For take profit levels, you can aim for a 1.5 ratio or wait for the price to reach the next trend line you've drawn.

    It's important to familiarize yourself with various candlestick patterns like bullish and bearish engulfing, doji, dragonfly doji, gravestone doji, etc. It's a good idea to print them out and keep them on your desk for reference. This applies to breakout patterns as well. As you become proficient, you can move on to recognizing reversal, continuation, and bilateral patterns.

    Remember, simplicity is key. While this approach won't guarantee success in every trade, it will likely improve your overall results. Keep practicing and refining your skills."

  2. ok so how many of you had to watch this 3 times to get the setup done. due to you cant fast forward and its fast enough pausing can make to miss it, then u have to start it all over again so u can see what to do. lol maybe it just me. but great idea channel owner for getting more views i wont hate, i think its smart 🙂

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