How To Use STOCHASTIC Oscillator In Trading [ STOCHASTIC Indicator Trading Strategy ]

Welcome to SATOSHI LAND “Understanding the Stochastic Indicator – A Powerful Tool for Technical Analysis” In this video, we’ll …


  1. Guys that's not how this works… You will have to use 50 & 100 EMAs on your chart…
    1. When the 50ema is above the 100ema, that means the is in an uptrend.
    2. Wait for the market to make a pullback(lower high)
    3. Stochastic was below the 20 and crosses up.
    4. BUY…

    The opposite is for Sell..
    1. 50ema is below 100ema= Downtrend
    2. Wait for price to make a lower high
    3. If Stochastic was above 80 and then crosses below
    4. Take SELL

  2. I hv a good reads before titled "Stochastic Elasticity" on forexfactory (if i m not mistaken, it was long time ago around 2005) where it monitors n trades over few time frames (15, 30 – 4hrs r my fav, less chaotic), combines with EMA n Candlestick (used over various market turnaround signals of ones liking – mine is the "Morning Star" signal – basically looked like the CS making big + sign); might wanna try to look n read onto read;

  3. I swear if you have excellent discipline you can always make money with so many tools available that you can almost always quadruple check the movement confirmation before trusting it and have the heart to let it ride! Psychology is a bi**h making people to make mistakes!

  4. Its correct but its not accurate. Stoch Crossover at 80 and 20 its true signal indi. But the price still can trend in a long time in 80/20 before making reversal. So another confirmation indi is required such as rsi, cci and also trendline breakout. Also added 80/20 cross level. So once it goes from 80 to 79, 78, 75 its a good progress. If u guys had a lof money. U can fully depend on stop loss. Otherwise u can monitor price to cutloss

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