How to Use Pancake Swap & Metamask to Buy Cryptocurrency Easily.

Here’s how you can use Pancake Swap with Metamask, and Binance to buy Elongate token or other crypto, and cryptocurrencies …


  1. hi there! i am trying to swap on pancake swap but it says "The transaction cannot succeed due to error: undefined. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping." do you know why?

  2. I bought Orfano on pancake swap, and it says the purchase went through, it's even in Bscan. The only thing is, I don't see the coins anywhere. They're not in my trust wallet. What do I do?

  3. Just heard..  Baby shark tank [BASHTANK]  token on pancake is SupeR HOT.. . Can you imagine each.every celebrity face from past Shark Tank episodes, photo shopped into bodies of all kinds of babies and bodies of baby shark's?. This will be top meme action hands-down over the coming weeks.  1,000+X coming soon. BNB..BSC..Pancake soon to win.

  4. Can you make a video on Staking elongate tokens. Including Risks, benefits, cost, etc. I really appreciate your videos. I'll definitely give you a shoutout on a reddit page so more people can learn from you. BTW best video I seen. Everyone either does a vlog for 20 mins and then gets into or misses half the information. NOTE anyone buying needs to VERIFY THEIR BINANCE BEFORE BUYING (esp in Canada). I couldn't buy before verifying even though it gave me the option to

  5. do you need the CAKE tokens to use it or can you just use BNB? What was the purpose of your CAKE balance? Should I buy CAKE on Binance as well as BNB or is BNB on its own enough to buy the sh.tcoins?

  6. So I’m trying to buy on Pancakeswap but it’s saying price impact too high. I have .7 bnb and am trying to buy .5 worth of bnb.. at 12% slippage. Do you know why that might happen?

  7. If I bought elongate fox finance and safemoon and octans on blockfolio through tracker is it a real buy ?? Or does it just track as if I bought at that price? Or is blockfolio real and I did buy safemoon and the other 3 cryptos I mentioned???

  8. I am facing this issue:-

    The transaction cannot succeed due to error: PancakeRouter: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping.

    Will you please explain

  9. Hi, thanks for your video. I followed your instructions and I can see my transaction in MetaMask (along with my SafeMoon transaction) when I look at Bscscan in MetaMask but when I connect to pancake swap Elongate doesn’t show up 🙁
    My SafeMoon does but even when I search Elongate it doesn’t come up as a token. Please help! Thank you!

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