How to Use LinkedIn to Get Clients – LinkedIn Lead Generation (LinkedIn Marketing)

How to Use LinkedIn to Get Clients. LinkedIn Marketing Tutorial on how to do LinkedIn Lead Generation. How to Use LinkedIn …


  1. Man, every step you've shared in this video is sooooo helpful. There's some big money behind everything you shared, and you did it for free. Thank you so much, Jordan.

  2. The approach you've shown in the video is really great. Definitely everybody needs to do some research before reaching out to anyone. I am surely gonna keep these tips along with me while cracking new leads from LinkedIn.

  3. Hey, Jordan! Love all the points mentioned here. Valuable content as always! My question is… do you also find yourself struggling with incomplete details of leads on LinkedIn? Most of the time, emails and phone numbers are hidden. Well, we all know why they do that. But here's the catch. Collating all the names of prospects in an excel sheet and appending the names will let you retrieve their phone numbers, emails, and addresses. Have you heard about this before? 😊

  4. The video in a nutshell:
    • Personalize your pitches.

    o Make the effort to reach out to someone PERSONALLY.

     i.e Check their recent Instagram post and write concisely in the opening paragraph about it.

     Add your offer in the second/body paragraph.

     Request a short meeting in the closing paragraph.

    • Following-up is key to grab attention. Sometimes it’s used as a second attempt to get a response on the first message/pitch.

    Long video, could've been much shorter but thanks for the advice.

  5. Hey there, god bless your efforts.

    I am in charge of generating LinkedIn leads for a prominent company in Lebanon.

    Is there a way to upload or add an email list into the LinkedIn contacts page.

    Thanks for taking care of my enquiry.

  6. Hello Jordan, I watched your video and learned something from it. I'm not aware that anything I'm doing is incorrect, as you stated. It's preferable to have 5 Leeds than to have 20 Leeds without employing your particular strategies. My mistake is that I always copy and paste in order to maintain a connection. It makes things worse. Now I understand.

  7. Guys, please avoid this crap video its so generic. First of all sending a personal message based on Instagram post seriously? What’s the guarantee it was the managing director who posted that it could be a social media intern who did that. How is that even personalized?

  8. I don't know about other LinkedIn servers but the India server is filled with fake identities and stalkers. In the last decade, I've received 3 enquiries and all 3 were fake. Mostly ppl are there to sell their wares and are the ones who have a lot of time. LinkedIn is also watching you on and offline…they are trying to sell their premium membership…if you dont buy it, they sabotage your reach…your posts don't get views! Political parties use this platform to estimate your network and net worth. Overall being there is a matter of membership, time to network and being open to being spied and stalked. Is it worth it? Nope.

  9. Very helpful I really liked the way you explained the process. I am in the graphic design industry and I have been providing my services to my clients all over the world. I learned through my experience that most of the client want trust and someone who they can work with personally someone who understands the needs. Client would most of the time would reject you if you are copy pasting stuff. A worthy client would not be interested in what you do what your experience is but would rather want to know what you can do for their business better than anyone else. So you need to get in that trust factor. Before talking to someone clients do look at their portfolios and customer reviews that way they can build trust in you. Strong portfolio and positive client reviews can do it for you. Try not to think too much and talk too much about price rather than providing a solution. Be part of the solution rather than being annoying by asking for payments all the time, I said this because individuals do worry about the payments rather than focusing on the project itself 😉 Best of luck

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