How to Use to Track Your Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange Trades for Tax Purposes

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  1. It’s possible that you can make a video on how to edit transaction like cost and basic and adding a transfer for tax purposes thanks your are the best.

  2. Two quick questions:

    1) Aren’t you worried about typing in your passwords to your exchanges straight from cointracker’s site?

    2) Can you use cointracker for Uniswap, or the wallets attached i.e. Coinbase wallet or Metamask wallet? If so, how, or where do you get the API for those?

    Thank you, I really enjoy your breakdowns and tutorials.

  3. This is the tutorial i am looking for! Very informative, Thank you sir! 🙏🏻

    I just have one question, i’m from the US and i used Kucoin and regular Binance to make few little trades by using vpn. Am i required or can get away with it cos they’re non KYC..or shuld include them too for tax purposes?

  4. Hi I’ve got a big worry Bitrue only keeps the last 90 days of history what can I do ? I bought and sold during 2021 as a new crypto buyer and I’m wondering what’s the best way to handle this.

  5. Binance US doesn't work with Cointracker. You can add the API, but it's not going to sync correctly. Even their CSV export isn't compatible with Cointracker.

  6. Hi Rex, I'm in New York and binance won't allow me access to my account I use to have. How can I connect that to coin tracker?
    Also what happens if a trading exchange I used went out of business?

  7. Can you add a Phantom wallet to? Thanks for sharing! Any concern with uploading an exchange on there that is not allowed to be used in the US?

  8. It doesn't work so easily. The APIs are very limited. you have to do manual entries with many of the exchanges particularly for past years. It would be wonderful if it worked like that.

  9. the only one I need is kucoin….. and you didn't do kucoin….. and of course im confused LOLOLOLO When im in the "set IP Restriction" it then asks me to input something that I have no clue what its asking me for…..By the way…..your literally the best YouTube guy in the known universe…..the way you talk is 100% perfect

  10. Can I use coin tracker to go through past tax years on an exchange in order to generate a profit and loss summary for past years? Thanks in advance .

  11. Hi crypto dad.. I just want to know if it's true that cointracker ask the user an activation fee of 845 USD before authorizing the money to send to bitcoin wallet of the user?

  12. Thank You, I am very new to crypto trading and was looking for a means of tracking my trades. Your video is fantastic. Very informative, and was very easy to follow. Thanks

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