How to use Arbitrum on Ethereum – Beginners Guide (Aave, Uniswap, Swapr)

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  1. Hi Kierin, I have just followed your vid along and made at least 1 transaction on each of the apps using Arbitrum. Very smooth experience. I've signed up to the email list for DeFire Academy – will it include any type of airdrop strategy?

    Is there a potential minimum value for the tx required to qualify for most airdrops?

  2. Can you send your ERC20 tokens to your ledger Wallet from Metamask via Arbitrum or do I have to send it back to the Ethereum network?

  3. How many defi apps have you used and what percentage of them have had airdrops? And what are the typical requirements to receive the airdrop, and how much are they worth on average? I'm seriously considering doing this, but at the those gas fees are so damn high. Probably there will be a lot of opportunities in the Cardano ecosystem, would love to see videos on that. Great work!

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