How to use any TradingView strategy as a signal with 3Commas bot – Bitcoin Bollinger Band strategy

Welcome to the 18th video! How to use any TradingView strategy as a signal with 3Commas bot – Bitcoin Bollinger Band strategy …


  1. Thanks for the informative video. I have a question, can this technique be used with DCA bots? For example, I made the same edits to the stretegy script you did above, can I apply the new alerts from this edited script to a DCA bot?

  2. can you give me source code of this modified BB breakout strategy – i want to test them on paper account 3commas – i just want full edited version to trigger buy and sell – help me please

  3. I did want to let you guys know the strategy shown in the video is DEFINETLY not one you should use. There are better ones out there and this one has only brought me losses so far despite the backtests.

  4. you need to know your way around computers to be able to do that I find a good strategy on trading view and I was able to change few things to make it 80+% profitable but that is as far I can go I have no clue of coding and that shit I'm just paper trading on tradingview and you need to sit in from of computer all day long

  5. Thank you for your very informative video! I created two alerts to open trades on my bot, but the bot opens when one of the alert conditions is met, as opposed to both. How do I set it so that both alert conditions must be met before the trade opens?

  6. Interesting topic, although explained really confusing – why do you show RSI Algo if you want to Copy BB Breakout Strategy? Furthermore, your Strategy has on the one-hour BTCUSDT period 60 Winning Trades and 81 losing Trades / 228% net profit against 547% return for HODLing- not exactly what I would call a good strategy at all.

  7. is it possible to make multi alerts conditions for the deal to start ? for example when it's >50 RSI & MACD is Green (only then open a trade)

    i tried making two criteria's but it opens when it's meet any of the two alerts.

  8. I follow this and want to create study overlay. When save it shows "Could not find function or function reference"
    And at last part here > if(longSignal) becomes blue color and next line becomes white. can't find if anything wrong.

  9. is there a better way to add a supertrend signal to all teh USDT pair coins in a single go rhater than creating alert for every coin and copying the code

  10. Great content. Thank you for sharing.

    I have set Stop Loss and Take Profit as exit strategy in my script, for which I use the "strategy.position_avg_price" Pine built-in variable.
    When I try to save my strategy as study the Pine console tells me that (of course) no strategy functions can be incldued in a study, but withouth the function I won't be able to define the study alert for exit the trade. Has anyone any idea to solve this?

    Thanks a lot.

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