How to use 3COMMAS with Binance & TradingView alerts to AUTO-TRADE CRYPTO

3commas TradingView Guide: Pine Script …


  1. Hello;

    I need your help please,

    I want to link my BOT DCA 3commas with my strategy on trading view, for this my strategy includes a trailing stop and a take profit executet with the strategy.exit command, however on the alerts available on 3 commas I cannot manage to differntiate between position closing message and exit position for taking profit or stop loss

  2. Interesting! I'm definitely going to give this a go one of these days with one of my own strats in TV. Time to shave some scalps and take advantage of zero spreads for crypto…

  3. is it possible to use one indicator and monitor several symbols and send an alert when the conditions are triggered? I am using 3commas and I would like to create a multicoin bot. The syntax is like this

    "message_type": "bot",

    "bot_id": 1424413,

    "email_token": "49d83a6e-0372-482d-812a-f12d3a3f6226",

    "delay_seconds": 0,

    "pair": "USD_APE-PERP"


    and the coins I want to trade are circa 20…I hope I do not have to create an alert one for each.

  4. Hey, great video, I have a question, If I have an existing strategy that was posted as an open-source strategy, can I use it to connect my two bots (long and short), do I need to input these messages in alert messages?

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