How To Trade In Cryptocurrency Using Bitget | Crypto Trading Strategy | Bitget

We’ll analyze their current trends, discuss trading strategies on Bitget to potentially grow your initial investment, and highlight …


  1. We'll analyze their current trends, discuss trading strategies on Bitget to potentially grow your initial investment, and highlight exclusive offers tailored for both new and high-volume traders.

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    In this video:

    🌟 Bitcoin & Ethereum Updates: Insights into their current values and recent market trends.
    📈 Bitcoin Trend Analysis: A deep dive into what's driving Bitcoin's market movements.
    🪙 Altcoin Picks: Discover top altcoins such as Solana, Binance Coin, and more, known for their growth potential.
    💼 Trading on Bitget: Why Bitget stands out as a preferred platform for crypto trading.
    🎁 Special Offers: Exclusive bonuses and campaigns designed to enhance your trading experience.

    Stay informed with the latest updates in the crypto sphere! Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned trader, this video offers valuable insights for everyone looking to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Happy trading!

  2. Genuine advise by ur proud supporter…. Pls. Stop making such videos of stocks n crypto…
    We want videos to ways to earn money and motivation only… 👍👍👍
    Rest we will manage ourself

  3. Thanks so Much for your great knowledge sir. I really appreciate the dedication in each video you post. Despite the dip in crypto, i stil thank you for level headed financial advice. I started crypto investment with $10k and since fellowing you for few weeks now, I've gotten $25k in my portfolio. Thanks so much Sharon Chaska for keeping me ahead of the market

  4. well explained! Recessions are an unavoidable part of the economic cycle; all you can do is prepare for them and plan accordingly. I graduated into a slump (2009). My first job after graduating from college was as an aerial acrobat on cruise ships. Today, I work as a VP for a global corporation, own three rental properties, invest in stocks and businesses, run my own company, and have increased my net worth in the last four years.

  5. Sir, i want invest 5Lakh in MF is it safe if safe plz suggest strategy. How can I invest in diversify Mutual fund. Please make one video in this topic. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

  6. I will be forever grateful to you, you changed my whole life and I will continue to preach on your behalf for the whole
    world to hear you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment, thank you Isabella woods

  7. Sir how we can see our position order on chart… Sir we are scalpers, hm sir SL ya TP ko aage peche trailing karte hy to sir charte pe kese order position ko deke jese trading view pe sell or buy position chart pe visible o te hy please kindly help sir

  8. This is one of my favorite channel Thanks for breaking it down!! I'm glad I can still smile, I always look up to your video for update. I hit 310k today I am truly grateful for all the knowledge and nuggets you have given me over the past few months. Started With 70k in few weeks, Thanks to Aliyah Jessica, for her helpful guide.

  9. It is tottaly looking illegitimate .. This exchange is playing game with it's users in the name of listing of new coins and making fool of people.. They form a group on WhatsApp where lot of bots are working and may be some genuine people who has been lured by them through stock trading to crypto trading for making huge money..

    So let me explain how they play with your money first they will recommend you some stocks and the stocks which normally all the brokerage houses are recommending. One person who is theirs boss will pretend that he thinks so much about Indian people as they are poor and looted by foreign investors. In the beginning they will announce some rewards also to join their group and attend meet with them two three times a day.. i.e. Signing reward of INR 3000 if sign for a month etc.

    Then they will also announce some more rewards like reward for person who earned most in the month etc. This may be continue for a month or so.

    Now the real game begins when stock market comes down they ask to invest in crypto and asked to open account in this ZIOPTO and the boss will recommend that it is known to him and very goods exchange etc. And will also offer 120 USDT in your crypto account, and then he will recommend trading for crypto two times a day and you'll will find it very beneficial and then you will start recommending to your friends and they will offer you rewards for putting more money in account and slowly whatever you have invested in stocks they will ask you to transfer 70% in crypto.

    Now the second scheme begins they will ask you to subscribe new coin and will assure you that that it will give you great profit and you will start it and will also earn money in that and as you will invest according to your capacity so there you will will feel that i wish i could subscribe more coin then I could earn big.. Now they understand your feeling and by then you will may have invested lakhs or crore of money in your account.

    Now the final game begin they will ask to subscribe second coin and will offer you credit for subscribe the new coin without any charges and this time they will allot you a better amount of coin and you will earn a good money now but with in two days they will ask you to subscribe third coin and all bots and boss will convince you to that this time coins are very less so you can should subscribe more and more and will provide you credit card line also, the they will say it is very good coin and that they will do three times a day and will tell that you will get only 1% or 2% etc. And here in greed you will invest lot of coins with their credit and here the climax is coming when there will be allotment you will find that you have been alloted 80 to 90% of subscription.. They will take there unused money back and will ask you to pay the remaining money with in two three days which will be very high.. They threatened you to close your account and forfiet your all money…and now your have two options whether you pay that money demanded by them or forget your money in your account..

    Here threw main persons are involved one is boss who is in the name and of Dean.

    Second your personal assistant she may be a girl who will convince you that Dean is great and have great knowledge etc.

    Third one is crypto exchange customer service person.

    Same time they all threw work to make yours think that they are only want your profit..

    That's how they are cheating the peoples.

    So beware of such frauds and don't pay them a single penny.

    They will ask you to transfer funds in others account which are not their accounts so why you're cnt even file a police case on them..

    Hope you have understand the game so be careful

    scammers using this numbers plz note

  10. सर ट्रेडिंग हम 0 से शिखना चाहते ह कहा से सीखे सर ।आप लाइव डेमो क्लास दीजिए सर प्लीज 🙏

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