How To Trade Cryptocurrency Using Revolut (Trading For Beginners)

This is a tutorial on how to use Revolut to trade stocks, commodities and cryptocurrency online. The main focus of this video is to show you how you can begin …


  1. I must admit this is a great video but you know crypto-currency trading is a very volatile one and as such it's too risky for beginners without basic knowledge to make good fortune out of it, I suggest you invest with a reputable broker and enjoy your returns.

  2. Hey, if you're not well inform about bitcoin trading, instead of losing up your account you can just be buying trade signals from an expert or even allow them to manage your trade..

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  4. Revolut is NOT good for LONG TERM HOLD also you CAN'T transfer to cold storage. Basically they buy it for you , you own the rights to sell/buy it but if they get hacked they wont be responsible.

  5. Having a trading plan is essential for every trader. Trading with Mrs Monroe's platform and understanding its unique premise could help you formulate better your own trading plan.

  6. What about the spread or overhead on the crypto purchase price? Are you able to trade close to the spot price for the crypto's (In other words the final price you'll pay is close to the price you'll see at for example, ) (just because the trading fees are low, doesn't mean it's a good value, you have to take into account any ''spread'' where your paying extra if not aware of how exchanges hide hidden profits to their advantage)

  7. Hi dude! Tyvm for this vid, cool

    Could you plz write me your point of view about Stakenet. Their blockchain consists of 2 kinds of nodes: Staking nodes and Masternodes. The project has its own Layer2 cross-chain DEX. Got listed on Bitfinex. What will you say?

  8. Can't know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway GREAT clip 🤩🤩🤩. I also have been watching those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these stuff. MStar Tutorials also had cool information about similiar money making things on his channel.

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  11. Bitcoin isn't volatile…. the dollar is. 1 BTC is still worth 1 BTC
    since its inception. Can we say that about the dollar? $1 from 1913 to
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    is really volatile? People need to stop looking at the price through
    the lens of the dollar. Everyone sees the dollar value of Bitcoin but
    don't realize that it's the dollar that is weak against BTC….that's
    why there are huge price swings. People also don't realize that every
    time they sell or buy crypto, they are expanding the current monetary
    money supply. If you know how the current monetary system works, that
    last statement will make perfect sense. If not, it will go over
    heads.I take the risk of lower prices on the short term for granted,
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    My best guess is that money pours into crypto during the first 2
    quarters of the year as people get their tax returns and invest in
    projects they like. During this time I expect a significantly rising
    overall "market cap". I think it will cool off some during the summer
    and pick back up around the holidays as families and friends get
    together and reflect on 2020. During this time I believe we'll see
    periods with bitcoin gaining faster than alts, followed by times where
    alts are more profitable. The smart, stress free investor is hedged
    into several crypto projects as opposed to "all in" on one or
    frequently switching back and forth between alts and bitcoin. The
    market will likely remain volatile but I believe with QUALITY cryptos,
    highs will be higher and lows will be higher.Those with patience
    who've only invested money they can afford to lose will likely
    outperform most "traders". I think changing tax laws in first world
    countries will further embolden the HOLD mindset, as (in the US) there
    is a huge benefit to investors holding assets over a year, much higher
    taxes for assets held under a year. I think these changing tax laws
    will also encourage investors to look harder at projects they are
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    When I first heard about cryptocurrency I was not interested because
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