How to Trade Cryptocurrency on the Binance Exchange [Tutorial]

In this video, we go through the basics of how to deposit funds to Binance, execute your first trades on the Binance spot markets, …


  1. Hello everyone I'm new to bitcoin trade and I have watched a lot of videos along side new strategies on my own, but all to no avail. I'm still making huge losses and recently I see a lot testimonies of people earning and making a lot of profit from it. can someone please recommend a trust worthy expert that can trade on my behalf and generate profit for me please

  2. Some of the questions in this regard are:
    1. While it may be technically possible to trade from US by use of VPN, whether it's illegal for US resident to trade on Binance, or merely violation of Binance's TOS;
    2. How severe are ramifications of violation of Binance's TOS;
    3. Whether it is possible to have proper docs and keep track of transactions for tax purposes;
    4. Whether it is still possible to pay taxes in accordance with US law, or, for example, doing so may expose you to fines near to or exceeding any profits you made.

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