How to Trade Cryptocurrency for Noobs (Beginners) 2018

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  2. I only have a small account so I have long term and trading in the same account, but then I sold all my long term holds (link and xtz) to trade kyber, thinking it was starting the next run so I could get more money for long term coins, and everything is just going sideways foreverrrrr. I've been stuck at 355 (break even) for about a month. Anytime I break 400, I don't know when to sell and lose it. Haha.

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  6. I think that the most difficult thing is to feel the market. You can develop your skills with trading/investment books, youtube videos, communication w other traders and your own experience. It takes a lot of your time..
    But to minimize loss, then study and learn how to trade. Learn the chart. For crypto trading, learn Tech analysis, fundamental analysis and sentiment analysis. You can start by learning first how volatile crypto then learn all the trading signals so you can read and understand chart and learn how crypto move and what makes it go up and down. For beginner, it's ideal to start small while you're learning then invest little by little as you learn.

    Also I can recommend you try to use the trading bots in parallel. Just divide the part of the coins for trading manually, and part for the bot. You can to learn and earn at one time. For this using I recommend you It's easy and works well.

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