How to Trade Crypto Futures (Step-by-Step Crypto Futures Trading Guide)

How to trade crypto futures – crypto futures trading has advantages for day trading and swing trading, including being able to short …


  1. Hey MoneyZG could you do a video about how to utilize on-chain metrics and/or open-futures interest metrics for swing/day trading futures? I can't seem to find a single resource for this. Please, thank you, and much love!

  2. So keeping extra collateral means you can keep the order open longer and ride the ups and downs? The order closes out because you run out of collateral, right? So using less of your money per trade and keeping more collateral out allow those orders to stay open for a longer period of time, assuming there isn't a more dramatic price movement, you could ride the ups and downs for a longer period of time. Yeah?

  3. you'll been following up crypto trends lately ?,,the use of the auto smart trading system is best in terms of the bear market ,cus it's a versatile trading system that trades on more than crypto just to make up your estimated daily profits returns into your personal account.

  4. Futures/Leverage should be completely fucking banned from crypto… It is WAY to easy for big big whales to manipulate the market and essentially control the futures..

  5. Hi James, Fantastic video on Binance futures and various order types. I just starting watching videos in our youtube channel. I am a big fan already! keep up your good work mate!

  6. Thank you for the video. One question, if I am lets say shorting, what happens when price goes up for a bit and then starts dropping down? Am I loosing money while it's going up? And for what duration the position will be open??

  7. Hope all is Well! May i ask you, how do you cut down fees on kucoin when day trading Futures the fees are so high when i cash out i end up negative money?

  8. Great video, it would be even greater if you cover the process of selecting/screening crypto/NFTs future contracts… thank you !

  9. Saying a big thank you is not enough to show how much I value everything about kelvin1uptrades on !G for funding my wallet with a profit of 6 btc after investing just a some of 2 btc can’t thank you enough..

  10. Just want to give a big love. You help me make some profit in my trading and make understand what trading is will recommend your channel to all my freinds

  11. Hi James, how do we transfer the balance back out from the futures wallet to the fiat & spot wallet? It seems the transfer can only be from spot to futures but not the other way round?? appreciate your advise on this, thanks

  12. I am using grid trading there ok futures. It is ok to use without thinking too much. Otherwise i think it is a good idea to do on short term trade some short and long

  13. Great introductory on futures, would be awesome to see your take on trading pivots in ranging markets using HTF confluence and momentum indicators (and throw in some fib for good measure) to inform high probably futures trades to make daily profits 🙏

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