How To Trade Bollinger Bands **Best Method** πŸ“ˆ

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  1. U need to use bb with MA 5,10 low and high.
    Its called BBMAOA technique.
    Bollinger band moving average oma ally..
    Suitable for scalping and swing.
    Thx me letter..

  2. Mother of god. Thank you sir! I knew how they worked like when the get tight, but did NOT know depending on what side it falls under the line or above indicates what it’s most likely to do, yes the candles determine too but this cleared that up for that indicator for me.

  3. Video: shows price extending from bands and says it’s a bad indicator of tops or bottoms.
    Chart displayed: shows profitability at every single occurrence of price extending from bands, especially the ones highlighted in the very video that said do not use.

  4. Yes, narrowing of standard deviation of bands means consolidation due to lack of volatility. In other words a wedge or pennant is being formed on one of the time frames.

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