How To Trade Bitcoin On MetaTrader | Leverage Trading

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  1. This morning on the CoinMarketCap portal, B!tcoin’s value went up 5.48 percent to $51,105 early on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile Binance data showed that B!tcoin reached an all-time high of $51,408. B!tcoin stalled short of the $52,000 mark, with its price surging past $51,400. However, on Monday, it slipped to $48,914 in Asian trading hours. B!tcoin's record-breaking rally is said to be driven by a global shift in investor and public attitudes towards crypto assets. I strongly advise us to get involved in day tradìng but to be propérly guided by a pro tràder with a working stratégy. For me it's beén very successful because I was beíng guided by a respectable tràde expert koen , whose strâtegy has proven to be so accurate and well analyzed. Tradìng and growing my portfolio from 0.8btc to 7.2btc within 6 weeks is so awesome and credíble. Don't you think this is the right time to grow the little we hold ahëad of môre bullìshness? He can be reached through Wh@tsApp (+44 7828450768) and Gmâil (koentrading321@gmailcom) for all crypto related inquirie

  2. Could someone help me out? I recently joined a discord server and they provided me a margin trading course. They also use Hugosway as broker.
    He told me to start with 10 euro’s which is equal to 0,01 lot size. He also told me to use a stop loss of 3%. The thing is since Hugosway has a minimum leverage of 50, my funds are liquidated earlier than my stop loss? Or am I missing something?

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